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David Coverdale

Since 1973, David Coverdale’s legendary voice has been a mainstay in the history of rock music. His historic career has taken Coverdale from fronting the iconic Deep Purple, collaborating with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Jimmy Page to touring the world with the biggest rock act of the 80's, Whitesnake, which continues to tour worldwide.
  • From 1973-1976, Coverdale was the lead singer for Deep Purple. In his tenure, the band released three albums, two of which went Gold (Burn, Stormbringer) producing hits such as “Soldier of Fortune” and “Burn.

  • Whitesnake dominated the 80’s with multiple platinum records (Whitesnake, Slide It In), which spurred numerous Top 100 singles including; “Here I Go Again”, “Is This Love”, “Love Ain’t No Stranger” and “The Deeper The Love".

  • Named one of VH1’s Top 100 Bands of All Time, Whitesnake also toured the world with four international Top 10 Gold, Platinum and award-winning albums. Their 2011 release, Forevermore, charted to Billboard’s Top 50 and 2008's Good To Be Bad charted in 12 countries, including Billboard's Top 100 in the US.

  • Coverdale collaborated with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page in the early 90s, which produced the platinum-selling Coverdale/Page record. This album hit #4 in the UK and #5 in the US chart.

photo credit: Ash Newell